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Supplements & Minerals for Goats 



Minerals play an important role in the diet of all goat breeds.  In dairy-specific feeds, they should be formulated by the manufacturer to contain adequate levels of minerals and trace minerals for a dairy goat.  Any formulation fed should contain adequate levels of calcium and phosphorus close to a 2:1 (2/calcium 1/phosphorus) ratio in the total ration.  

Free choice mineral supplements that have the appropriate levels of calcium and phosphorus balanced (2:1) which contain micro trace elements should be offered free choice for the goats. 


When goats are lactating, we use Sweetlix Magnum Milk to balance the 2:1 ratio with Alfalfa.

Make your choice of the kind minerals to feed based upon deficiencies in your region. Contact your local extension service office 


                   (Click to see the breakdown for the goat-specific minerals we use, Magnum Milk Sweet Lix  for lactating does; Sweetlix Meat Maker Minerals for non-lactating & Male Goats ). 


                When feeding free choice minerals, be sure to monitor your goats                        for the excessive intake of minerals. 




  Baking Soda/Sodium Bicarbonate 


Provide baking soda, which is also called sodium bicarbonate, at all times. The goats eat it as-needed to help maintain a balanced rumen.  Think of it as Tum's for goats! 


Thoravin or Sea Kelp 

Free-choice Sea Kelp provides goats with many benefits that include:                    

  • Excellent source of iodine which helps them to regulate their metabolism.

  • Strengthens their immune system.

  • Improves the quality of their feed.

  • Can help increase weight gain.

  • Reduces breeding problems.

  • Improves milk production.

  • Kelp helps decrease mastitis.

  • kelp helps increase milk butterfat.

You can find additional information on Thoravin Sea Kelp by clicking HERE

You can find out more information on Sweetlix by clicking HERE.

Periodically we give our Nigerian Dwarfs treats that are specifically made for them so they do not suffer from rumen upset.  

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