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The Whole Grain Cookbook 

By A.D. Livingston

This is a wonderful book to keep on the shelf as a reference guide to using whole grains.  You'll find grains such as Amaranth, Quinoa, Wheat, Spelt,      QK-77, Triticale, Rye, Buckwheat, Chickpeas, and wild Grist. There are about    20 grains listed in this cookbook. You'll find a section on grinding and milling your own grains, making Ezekiel Mixes plus a resource section to locate suppliers.  


Not only does this cookbook give you bread recipes, it gives you recipes for soups using grains, as well as recipes like a Thai Fried Rice Dinner, Beef Jook, Tepache, Korean Poricha, Kasha Pilaf, and of course, New England Baked Beans.  

What we found of interest in this book is the numerous, unique recipes from around the world as well as a lot of everyday sorta recipes like Barley and Mushroom Soup.  It certainly offers a nice variety of recipes for all kinds of grains as well as seeds.  

We have made a few of the recipes and have found them to be easy to follow and tasty.  Some of the recipes are more involved than others in the book or have ingredients that may require a trip to the health food store, we found this book useful and interesting.  Definitely a good resource to have for cooking whole grains.   

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