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The Complete Herbal Handbook for Farm and Stable

by Juliette de Bairacli Levy 4th Edition 

We have the paperback edition of this book and I believe we've had this book since the early 1980's.  Originally I used this book for horse care but it's been about twenty years since I've owned a horse. Recently I re-purchased the newer edition of the book. 


There is a lot of goat-specific information given for natural care and specific issues from pages 214 through page 242.  Treatments for mastitis, milk fever, warts, pneumonia, scours, bladder disorders, sunstroke and even CAE. 


The author directs you to remedies for sheep periodically in that ailments of goats are closely allied to those of sheep.  With the exception noted that the dietary needs as goats are not really grazers, they are more like their cousin the deer which eat more of a browse diet.

In the book, the author states that goats, to be healthy, require a diet of iodine rich foods and rich in aromatic oils.  The need for rock salt in their diet and recommends crops for goats include oats planted with vetches, for cutting whole, and barley, which is referred to as goat cereal, fed with alfalfa, sunflower plant and seed, linseed and whole corn on the cob as well as flaked barley, rolled oats wheat bran and dried beet pulp.    

A lot of this information appears to have been taken from old farming manuals.  For winter care, silage is recommended when prepared with molasses.  The book speaks of gathering and preserving the herbs, use and dose of the herb.  

This is a great reference book to keep on your shelf.  The author does not believe in any vaccines or treatments involving injections.  It has a lot of really good information to be gleaned although through time, I believe some of the remedies are not as good as some of today's homemade remedies are for certain ailments.  

This book covers treatments for sheep, goats, cows, horses, poultry, sheep dogs and natural bee care.  

In closing the book, the author states that the book does not cover "new" ailments now found in farm stock as she believes the causation to be unnatural rearing, and therefore, natural remedies would not be likely to be successful.  

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