Sales and Reservations 

During our busy kidding time, April through June, it is difficult to keep up with the requests and inquiries.  


We have kids born over a period of time so until we have completely finished with kidding, we have not had time to have our vet check them all out, have them dis-budded by the vet, and then evaluate which animals will stay at Mitten Acres and which ones will be going to new farms. ( I want to keep them all which makes things worse!)

We have tried a couple of different ways to handle inquiries and have decided that it is easier to just have people send their requests and once we determine what animals will be available and their price, we send out email notices based upon who has made inquiries or requests.  

2021 we will be making changes to the system to make it less cumbersome for us.  We will be posting the requests we receive on the breeding of interest and those people will have first choice - none will be marked sold until a deposit is received.

We hope that will make things easier for all.  We appreciate everyone's interest!


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