Sales and Reservations 

During our busy kidding time, March through May, it is difficult to keep up with the requests and inquiries we receive so please be patient.   


We have kids born over a period of time so we are not overwhelmed and can give each individual plenty of attention. Before they are offered for sale, we  need to have completely finished with kidding all does that are bred that year. 


We have our vet check them all out, have them dis-budded under anesthetization and with a pain block, and then we have them evaluated and determine which animals will stay at Mitten Acres and which ones will be going to new farms. ( It is very difficult to make these choices - I want to keep them all!)  We tattoo then at this time too as it is less stressful on them. 

We have tried a couple of different ways to handle the numerous inquiries we receive and have decided that it is easier to just have people send their requests once we post what animals will be bred in the fall.  If a particular breeding is of interest, send an email with the subject "waiting list" with the pairing you are interested in, your contact information, and what you are looking for - a doe or buckling.  We will be posting the requests we receive by your initials only on the breeding page of and those people will have first choice in the order we receive them. You will need to respond once notified of kidding and the available kids within 3 days or the next person on the list will be contacted.  


None will be marked sold until a deposit is received once the does have kidded.  A kid will not be marked sold until a deposit is received.   

We hope that will make things easier for all.  We appreciate everyone's interest!


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