Mitten Acres Sales Policy for Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

Thank you for stopping by Mitten Acres and for your interest in our Nigerian Dwarf Goats!  We love our Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. We strive to produce healthy, ADGA registered, conformationally correct, productive milking goats. 


Our Sales Policy is as Follows: 

  • All goats will be tattooed, disbudded and have current CD/T shots. No animal will leave the farm unless we feel they’re in completely eating on their own (weaned) and are in optimum health. We do not sell "bottle babies".  Please note our Veterinarian disbuds our babies with a pain block and anesthesia.  

  • Buyers are responsible for the following additional costs: 1) any transportation costs, necessary travel crates/supplies your transporter requires 2) any additional blood tests or other health related examination which are required by you or your state, and 3) transfer of Registration Certificates to your name.

  • Once babies are born, we require a deposit of half of the balance of the purchase price of the goat. If a $50.00 notification of birth deposit was given to ensure you were on the waiting list, that $50.00 will be applied to the goat once the deposit is received to hold the animal. The deposit will hold your kid until it’s weaned (Normally 8 to 10 weeks old), at which time you will need to pick-up you kid with the balance of the price due in cash upon pick up from our farm.

  • All Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE; however, in the unfortunate circumstance of death or illness, the deposit may be directed towards a future kid, or refunded.

  • We’ll work closely with those who are fairly new to goats; however, we reserve the right to turn down any potential buyer that we don’t feel will provide quality care. If you know nothing at all about goats, for the welfare of the animals, we urge you to do some research on goat care before making your first purchase. Goats are herd animals - They require a buddy and they require a diet of good, quality grass hay, fresh water, minerals, baking soda, hoof trimming, dry, safe shelter and lots of love!  Buyer's are urged to have a veterinarian lined up in advance in case of any emergency or issue requiring veterinarian care.

  • Since we’re a small farm, all our animals are well socialized and handled daily. We check every one of our goats every day to ensure they’re in good health. All goats receive preventative vaccines, hoof trimming, cocci medicine, deworming, copper and BoSe on a regular basis to ensure their continued good health. We love our goats and will give you continued support after your purchase.



All of our foundation stock came from herds that tested negative for CAE, CL, Johnnies, Brucellosis and TB.  Our herd tested negative in 2018, 2019, and 2020.  Testing is done in the fall by our farm veterinarian just before breeding season begins.  

We have carefully chosen our Nigerian Dwarf Goats from tested herds and for their bloodlines, conformation, health and milk production capabilities.  The goal of our farm is to produce healthy dairy goats that meet the ADGA standard for the Nigerian Dwarf Goat and for their milking ability.  Of course we handle them daily so they are friendly and use to humans.  

Occasionally if we have goats that do not meet the standards we are looking for, we will sell those animals as wether (neutered males) goats or as "pet quality" and they may or may not be registered.  We sell pet quality goats at a reduced cost with or without registration papers to good homes.  Those goats will be clearly stated as such.  

Any goat leaving our farm must have at least one other goat on your farm or you need to buy two goats.  Goats are herd animals and require another goat to thrive and for companionship - They need another goat buddy to thrive!

If you see an animal posted on our website you are interested in, before sending a deposit, email us at to verify the animal is still available - I sometimes get behind on posting!

                     ** We highly recommended reading this book before buying a goat.  It is a great resource for goat owners, old and new.  We do not receive any commissions from book sales - It's just a good book we recommend and it's under $8.00! 

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Care 201 by Lesa Wilke.  The book is available on Amazon.**

Only when a deposit is received, is the animal marked as a pending sale.  The approximate pick up date is from 8 to 10 weeks old.  The deposit will hold your kid until it’s 8 to 10 weeks old or fully weaned, at which time you will need to pick-up you kid with the balance of the price due in cash.


If the animal is not picked up within a week of being notified by email, an additional fee of $5.00 per day for boarding will be assessed and due at the time of pick up.  If the animal is not picked up within 2 weeks of notification, the deposit will be forfeited and the animal will be re-listed for sale.  It is the buyer's responsibility to provide a working email address that they monitor for communications.  


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