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Goat Toys

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Safe, Natural Toys to Entertain Your Goats

We like to provide safe toys for our goats to keep them active and to prevent them from becoming board without breaking the bank.

To the right, you can see we used a couple of large trunks of trees we had cut, added a couple of log rounds flipped on their ends we butted against the trunks and then we added a couple of large pieces of concrete on either side to help stabilize the logs. We hope the concrete blocks will aid in helping naturally reduce any hoof growth too.

We built a couple of goat towers the goats seem to really enjoy. They are constantly on the tower - they love to walk up and down the plank, chew their cud on the top level and overlook the property.

The bucks especially love to play with the tethered ball by head butting it back and forth. We think that the tower is their favorite toy area by far.

We added the giant spool next to the tower but first we made sure all of the holes were covered so none of the goats could get a hoof or leg caught which could have devastating consequences. We had to remove some metal staples and a metal strap to make it safe to use.

We are planning a lot of goat play areas for the new goat pastures by the new goat barn. We are in the midst of getting the two goat towers moved and adding a couple of new toys.

The bucks especially enjoy batting the tethered ball we added to the play tower and we've since added a couple of hay feeders on the towers upper level.

Our Does Catching Some Sunshine!

We realized early on that goats prefer to be off the ground and laying on something other than dirt. Knowing this, we've added beds in the barn and areas to lay on in the pastures.

Goat Rounds to Step On and Jump Off.

As simple as it seems, we added a few wooden rounds for them the goats to jump on. They love to play and climb on things.

We are trying to provide our goats with an environment that keeps them entertained and allows them to get exercise as well as a place to take a nap or chew their cud.

We will be adding a couple of more toys in the near future - Stay Tuned!

About the use of pallets for goat toys: We thought of using pallets but after a friend told us about an unfortunate accident a goat had with catching their leg and suffering a nasty break, we decided not to use pallets in the goat yard. Some of the boards can be weak, they can rot faster than plywood, and there are a lot of open spaces between the boards that would need to be filled in or covered. We thought it was easier just to start from scratch.


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