Our Homemade Mineral Feeders

We tried the mineral feeders that most agricultural stores carry. You know, the ones that have two compartments that are open and which the goats seemingly always seem to back up into and fill with goat berries? Well, we kept looking and found a couple of different mineral feeders online we were interested in buying up until we found out the shipping costs for them!

After a lot of searching, we decided to make ones like we had found on YouTube out of PVC pipe although we made ours a little different.

Here's how we made our mineral feeders:

You'll need a few supplies for each mineral feeder - a 4" PVC Y, a small 4" round 6" long piece of PVC pipe, a 4" PVC cap, a 4" PVC test cap, PVC primer and glue. Tools you'll need is either a miter saw with a plastic blade or a hack saw to cut the PVC pipe.

Here are the photographs of the pieces you'll need:

Simply take the primer and put around the inside of the top of the Y and the 6" piece of PVC, following the directions on the can. Once dry, glue the inside of the top of the PVC Y and one end of the 6" piece of PVC Pipe and insert into the PVC Y - let dry.

Repeat that procedure for the bottom and insert the PVC knock out plug into the bottom of the PVC Y.

The cap will fit onto the PVC Pipe and allows for easy refilling. You can mount these different ways - building a wood frame, between 2x4's, or using strapping - there are many ways to install these inside your barn.

We fill one with baking soda, one with loose goat minerals and one with Thoravin Sea Kelp.

We have these in each of our stalls for the goats - we've used them for well over a year now both the goats and us love them!

Not only are these mineral feeders inexpensive to make, they are durable and tough, easy for the goats to eat from and best of all, easy to make, fill and clean.

Note: We fill our PVC mineral feeders using a canning funnel - Easy and no spilling!

We hope you find the directions easy to follow. Let us know if you make them and how they work for you - We'd love to know!

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