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Almost Forgotten Recipes of Yesteryear

This Family looks Hangry!

Sunday's were always a day that began with a huge breakfast before church, a late lunch that was more like dinner, and a small dinner usually made of leftovers.

Sunday's always meant "special meals" starting with things like quiche, waffles with real maple syrup and sausage, or maybe "special eggs" that were nothing more than a really good omelette filled with veggies, cheese and potatoes or meat for breakfast. You had to have a big breakfast so your stomach would not growl while you sat in the church pew.

Sunday dinners were always something to look forward to, especially if company was to attend or there was a potluck at the church parsonage. Those meals were always special, made with great care and pride. Sunday's were a time to show off your culinary skills for church members.

Sunday dinner usually meant we'd have some kind of meat served. Weekdays were more geared towards beans, eggs, soups, casseroles and pasta to feed our large family of thirteen.

Those are the recipes that bring back memories of days long past. Ingredients weren't fancy or fussy, they were from our garden or raised in our fields. Things were simpler but never seemed easy. Those memories seem as though it were only a few months ago.

Food Storage Old Time Casseroles

With today's food storage, it seems many folks struggle with finding recipes that require simple ingredients. Food stuff that store easily and that make up a lot of today's food storage like beans, rice, legumes, dried or freeze dried vegetables, fermented or salted foods, pickled foods, milk and eggs are the same kind of ingredients families relied upon from days gone by especially those that were farmers back in the day.

Those almost forgotten recipes like special griddle cakes, scrapple, rice soup, timbales, butter pie and nut hash all bring back memories of simpler times and simple, somewhat plain but tasty good food need to be passed along for those are the recipes that sustained previous generations.

As I go through the old recipe cards, some date back to the early 1920's, it never dawned on my just how creative and tasty many of those recipes were and how they shaped how we long to eat today.

We will be doing updates and posting videos on some of the wonderful recipes handed down from generations past.

Do you have a family favorite from generations past? We'd love to know your favorite almost forgotten recipe of days long past!


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