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10 Reasons Why You Need A Nigerian Dwarf Kid On Your Homestead

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

When asked why we began raising Nigerian Dwarf Kids, and what makes them so special, I think the answer is because having Nigerian Dwarfs are like having the sun in the sky everyday. Each and every Nigerian Dwarf Kid brings with them a wonderful curiosity and a sweet disposition.

Here are 10 more reasons every homestead should have Nigerian Dwarf Goats:

Nigerian Dwarf Goat's Milk

1. Once a Nigerian Dwarf has kids, they begin producing a rich, creamy milk that is not only wonderful to drink, but Nigerian Dwarf Goat milk makes fantastic custards, cheeses, ice cream, butter, candies, and sauces in addition to luxurious lotions, creams and soaps.

2. Nigerian Dwarf Goat milk is more easily digested than cow milk because the milk is naturally homogenized. Nigerian Dwarf Goat milk has fat particles are much smaller than cow's milk and the smaller particles are more easily digested by human beings. Nigerian Dwarf Goat's milk is the best tasting of all the goats milk we've tasted. Sweet, creamy & delicious!

If you are thinking of acquiring a goat for your homestead, consider a couple of Nigerian Dwarf Kids to begin your herd. Nigerian Dwarf Kids must have a buddy so you'll need to keep at least two.

3. Nigerian Dwarf Kids (and adults) need less room than other breeds of goats. Two Nigerian Goat Kids can be raised comfortably in a secure small 6' x 8' shed to shield them from inclement weather as well as predators and a secure fenced pasture for exercise and browsing.

4. Nigerian Dwarf Kids are a lot smaller and easier to handle than other breeds of dairy goats.

5. Nigerian Dwarf Kids and adults can be transported in a large dog crate which eliminates the need to invest in a trailer to transport them.

6. Nigerian Dwarf Kids come in an array of colors and patterns. You can have a solid color kid, a spotted, banded, or caped kid, some may have moon spots, facial stripes and even blue eyes.

These 3 Nigerian Dwarf Kids have beautiful markings.

There are so many beautiful Nigerian Dwarf Kids, you'll have a difficult time choosing only two!

7. Nigerian Dwarf Kids are fairly easy to train with short, repetitive sessions involving a treat or two. (Shake a can with a few corn kernels and watch how fast they can run!)

8. Nigerian Dwarf Kids are easy to care for. You will need to trim their hooves as needed every six weeks or so, give a yearly CDT vaccination, and treat for parasites if their FAMACHA score or fecal test indicates treatment.

9. Nigerian Dwarf Kids are less expensive to feed than other dairy goats. Because of their smaller size, Nigerian Dwarf Kids and adults eat less hay, minerals, kelp. and pellets than full size dairy goats.

10. The entertainment factor, intelligence and personalities of Nigerian Dwarf kids as well as the adults, bring to a homestead is priceless.

Bottom Line - Nigerian Dwarfs will make your heart melt!

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