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About Our Herd

We researched Nigerian Dwarfs for about 4 years prior to purchasing our first animals. From the beginning we focused on buying our goats from farms that had yearly tested their Nigerian Dwarf herds for disease - ( Johnnes, CAE, CL, TB and Brucellosis). We have a small dairy herd of less than 20 foundation goats.


We looked at the genetic milking ability and the breed standard when we began our search for our herd foundation animals.  We have quite a diverse herd - some are polled, have blue eyes, have moon spots, have frosted ears, some have face stripes - just a variety of colors and patterns - all beautiful of course! 

Our Nigerian Dwarfs has been tested clean for diseases such as CE, CAE, Johnnes, Brucellossis and TB in 2018, 2019, and 2020.   


Our diverse genetic lines include many well-known farms like Old Mountain Farm, Bramblestone, Buttin' Heads, Dragonfly, Rosasharn, NC Promisedland and Piddlin Acres among others. 



We practice strict bio-security measures that include boot washing stations and limited access of visitors to help ensure the health and safety of our herd.  Our number one goal is to keep and maintain a healthy herd with good genetics and to the conformation of the Nigerian Dwarf Goat breed standard.  

All of our kids are vet checked.  For the comfort of the animal, all are castrated (if wethered) and are dis-budded under anesthesia and a pain-block by our farm veterinarian. 

Most of our kids are dam raised with a few exceptions as deemed necessary. All of our kids are handled daily so they are friendly and well adjusted to humans.  

For the health and well-being of the animal, we do not sell bottle babies so please, don't ask :-).


Once we are certain the kids are eating on their own (weaned), the kids are ready for their new homes.  This time period is somewhere between 8 to 10 weeks of age.  

All kids and goats leaving our care are given a care package that includes their health records, some of the food they are currently eating to help transition them to their new homes/families to help reduce the stress of moving for them.  Once an animal leaves our care, we want to help ensure they flourish at their new homes although there are no guarantees or warranties provided once the animal leaves our farm.   

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