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Our Healthy Chicken Feed Recipe

Both of our flocks, the production hens and French Black Copper Marans, are fed a healthy mix we've come up with to provide the hens a balanced, nutritious feed in addition to our kitchen scraps.  

Here is our recipe for our laying hens health:

We start our mix with a 50 pound bag of pelleted chicken feed to mix into the grain and seed mix.  We felt by adding the pelleted feed, any potential deficiencies would be avoided by providing a commercial feed pellet.  

We layer the ingredients in a large rubbermaid trash can and mix the feed ingredients together a little at a time since we do not have a cement mixer to mix our own feed.  We take scoops and add them into the bin and mix as we go until our can is filled.  On the 50 pound bags we use 2 scoops, the 20 pound bags 1/2 scoop, and the smaller bags we use a cup measurement.  


        50 pound bag of pelleted chicken feed     20 pound bag White or Red Wheat   50 pound Barley       

                20 pounds Roasted Soybeans        10 pounds Grit    5 pound bag of Mealworms

         20 pounds Whole Oats      5 pounds Black Oil Sunflower Seeds     1 pounds Lentils Orange/Brown                

                                     2 pounds Field Peas        1 Large Container Dried Parsley 

               40 pound bag Scratch   (Milo, Cracked Corn, Millet)          1 large Scoop Oyster Shell  

    We mix the ingredients as we go to try and incorporate them evenly - At times, it can prove difficult but until we can purchase a small concrete mixer, mixing our seed by hand will have to do!  Below we posted a photograph of the last batch of chicken feed we mixed - Our flocks of hens love this mix.



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