Our Herd-Sires

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Our Herd-Sires

Below you can see our herd-sire's pedigrees and get an idea of the genetics backgrounds our herd offers.  To see each individual pedigree, just click on the button with their name to view.  

Bramblestone Spiced Tea.JPG
*B Bramblestone Spiced Tea 
CH Bramblestone Celtic Quinn.jpg
*B CH Bramblestone Farm Celtic Quinn - Spiced Tea's Sire
Bramblestone Sun Tea.jpg
4*M Bramblestone Sun Tea 
3*D   - Tea's Dam 

Photo's of Tea's Sire & Dam Courtesy of Bramblestone Farm

DNA on File
Bramblestone Midnight Mouse Walking.jpg
*B Bramblestone Farm Midnight Mouse 

Photo's Courtesy of Bramblestone Farm

Old Mountain Farm Field Mouse.jpg
*B Old Mountain Farm Field Mouse 
Midnight's Sire
Old Mountain Farm Taylor Quinn .jpg
5*M Old Mountain Farm Taylor Quinn
Midnight's Dam
DNA on File

Photo courtesy of Bramblestone Farm

*B Bramblestone CQ Spiced Tea 

We acquired Tea as a 12 week old kid in 2018.  We have had the pleasure of watching Tea grow into an impressive, beautiful buck with a very nice disposition and conformation of the buck standard. 


It's not a surprise because Tea's pedigree is filled with an impressive line of champions and 3, 4 and 5 star milkers.

Tea's pedigree includes his Champion sire, Bramblestone Celtic Quinn *B, his grand sire Champion Old Mountain Farm Quentinquinn *B, and his Sire's dam, Buttin' Heads Calligraphy 3*M +VVV.  Tea's dam, Bramblestone Sun Tea 4*M +VVV, and Grand Dam SG Old Mountain Farm Hot Tea 3*M EEEV bring with them strong milk lines, beautiful udders and nice size teats.

Tea's Great Grandparents on his sire's side is 3*M Buttin' Heads Paperclip, the ADGA 2012 ADGA Grand Champion Doe and Old Mountain Farm Stag ++B VEE, Old Mountain Tianna Quinn  4*M  and Dragonfly HLJ Calvary AVV so Tea offers plenty of impressive genetics to share with his offspring!

Bramblestone SL Gold Dust.jpg

Bramblestone SL Gold Dust (Polled)  Photo's below

We acquired Dusty from Bramblestone Farm in 2018 along with Tea as 10 weeks old kids.  Dusty is a polled buck with an exceptional pedigree and a very gentle personality that shines through from Old Mountain Farm and Bramblestone Farm - A wonderful combination!

Dusty's sire, Old Mountain Farm Springloaded +++ and Bramblestone Farm 3*M Amethyst ++V+ bring together two strong pedigrees.  With grandparents of Old Mountain Farm Darius Quinn, Old Mountain Farm Field Mouse along with Old Mountain Farm Parti Favah VEEE and Bramblestone Pal Ruby 2*M VVEV,


Dusty brings strong milk and conformation lines to our herd in addition to a gentle personality.   

*B Bramblestone Midnight Mouse

We acquired Midnight in November of 2019 from Bramblestone Farm.  Midnight is the son of Old Mountain Farm Field Mouse and doe 5* Old Mountain Farm Taylor Quinn *D. 

The only time Midnight's sire was shown, he was the NEODGA Champion Junior Buck and the Reserve Grand Champion Buck.  He is litter mate to CH Old Mountain Farm All Over It EEE 91. 

Midnight has never been shown so we're looking forward to seeing what Midnight can accomplish!  His length of body, level top-line and the way his legs are placed squarely beneath him are amazing!  At 4 years of age, Midnight is unofficially 22.5" so he is well under the height limitation and should not go over-height.

Mitten Acres Augusta .jpg

Mitten Acres SL Augusta - AKA Gus  (Polled & Blue Eyes)

  Augusta (Gus) was the first Nigerian Dwarf born at Mitten Acres in April 2019 from our herd-sire Dusty and our herd matriarch, Rosie.  Gus is a polled, blue-eyed buckling here at Mitten Acres.  

Over the last year we have enjoyed watching Gus grow into a beautiful blue-eyed buckling which offers a tight conformation - Gus has a wide stance and his legs are squarely beneath him. Gus has a beautiful top line with strong dairy features.  With the strong milking genetics on both sides of his pedigree and the well balanced conformation of both parents, we have high hopes for Gus in our breeding program.   

In May of 2020, we were blessed with two kids from Gus whom we bred with Mitten Acres CQ Faithorn that produced two beautiful bucklings, Mitten Acres SL Trenton (Polled) and Mitten Acres SL Utica, a beautiful Blue-Eyed Buckling. 

Mitten Acres CQ Grant.JPG

Mitten Acres CQ Grant

Dusty's Dam, 3*M Bramblestone Amethyst
Photo Courtesy of Bramblestone Farm
Old Mountain Farm Springloaded.jpg
Old Mountain Farm Springloaded - Dusty's Sire  85 +VV
Photo Courtesy of Bramblestone Farm
Bramblestone SL 
Gold Dust 
DNA on File
DNA on File
DNA on File

Grant was born at Mitten Acres in May 2019 with his two sisters, Faithorn and Holly.  Grant's sire, CQ Spiced Tea *B and his dam, HQ Kahlua, combine strong milking genetics in addition to strong conformation genetics that we are excited about.  Grant takes after his Sire in both structure and color.  

With a strong genetic heritage from milking and show lines like his Grand Sire, CH Bramblestone Celtic Quinn *B, Grand Dam, Bramblestone Sun Tea 4*M, Great Grand Sire, and others like Old Mountain Farm QuentinQuinn *B, Old Mountain Farm Magillian, Old Mountain Farm Hot Tea 3*M, and Buttin' Heads Calligraphy 3*M, we are hopeful we are improving the lines of our Nigerian Dwarfs.