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10 Reasons Why to Buy Nigerian Dwarf Goats 

1.  Nigerian Dwarfs are miniature dairy goats that have really sweet dispositions & are super cute!

2.  Are easy to handle. 

3.  Require less hay & feed. (Less cost to keep.) 

4.  Require less space than full sized goats require. 

5.  Nigerian Dwarfs can produce up to 800 pounds of sweet, rich, creamy milk per year.

6.  Their milk is higher in butter fat than other goat breeds. 

7.  Nigerian Dwarf goat milk makes fantastic cheeses, ice cream, butter, caramel, and yogurt plus their milk makes luxurious soaps and lotions

8.  Nigerian Dwarf milk is "sweeter" tasting than other goat milk.  

9. Nigerian Dwarf kids come in so many colors and patterns - You never know what            colors or patterns you're going to get or how many kids until they deliver. 

10. Goat milk is naturally homogenized.


and here's an extra reason....  

     I wanted to be able to say "Goat Milk?" on a Tee Shirt!  Just kidding.  

These wonderful, cute little creatures make wonderful homestead animals and great pets and are full of personality to boot!  They prefer wooded browse over grass pastures so are great for clearing overgrown pastures and wood lots.  Ours love to eat wild roses, brambles, autumn olives, poison ivy and other woody type plants in addition to their hay and feed.  

Our Nigerian Dwarf Kids - 2019

  This year, 2019, we bred three Nigerian Dwarf does and between them, they produced eight Nigerian Dwarf Kids. Of the eight Nigerian Dwarf Kids born, six were bucks and two does.  We will be retaining the two does and two of the six bucklings which leaves four bucklings that will be wethers for sale once they are old enough to castrate.  


Why we wait to Castrate?

  After reading much research on male Nigerian Dwarf Kids and the disease called urea calculi, we made a decision not to band our bucklings to neuter them. Our bucklings are castrated by our veterinarian at an older age so there is less of a chance that they will end up with urea calculi.  (This disease causes the goats horrible pain.) 


  In a paper published June 6, 2011 - Author: Mike Metzger, Michigan State University Extension concluded "Young wethers (castrated males) are especially susceptible to Urinary Calculi. Castration stops both testosterone production and the growth of the urethra. Solid particles cannot pass through a urethra that has not been given the opportunity to grow to its normal diameter. The chance of contracting Urinary Calculi in male show animals can be reduced by delaying castration as long as possible -- giving the diameter of the urethra time to grow. The addition of hay or some other type of long fiber to the animal's diet is absolutely critical to help avoid Urinary Calculi." 

   Waiting to castrate a buckling and having a veterinarian perform the procedure may not be the most cost effective policy but we believe it is the right policy for our Nigerian Dwarf Kids.  Once the procedure is completed and the Nigerian Dwarf Kids have healed, we will be putting the little fellas for sale.


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