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Healthy Homemade Goat Treats

These easy to make "Goat Balls" require few ingredients and utilize leftovers from their pellets and feed. 


Since goats have a more easily upset rumen than a cow or horse, we utilize feed items that they already are accustomed to in their diet and these do not use any products that would be foreign to them like processed flours.  

We add raisins if we want to increase iron into their diet and we add dried raspberry leaves about 3 weeks before the does are due to deliver and after delivery for a couple of weeks (or until the treats run out!)  Do your research and add "extras" accordingly.   

We've even added probiotic powder a time or two!  

As the base of our treats, we use the powder or dust from the pelleted feed in our feed bins.  The Lespedeza Pellets, Timothy Pellets and Alfalfa Pellets all have quite a bit of "dust" in their bags or in our case, our feed bins.  We keep that "dust" to make their goat treats.  If we need a little more, we simply grind a few more pellets to make the treats.

Approximately 2 Cups of "Pellet Dust"                        1/2 cup whole oats or whole barley                                                                                                       

                             1 jar of all natural  applesauce     1 Tablespoon of Mineral Salt    1/2 teaspoon Anise Extract


These are some "extras" you can add to mix things up or dependant upon your goats dietary needs - Sea Kelp, a few raisins Dried Carrot shreds, Calf Manna Powder, pulverized Beet Pulp Shreds or Dried Raspberry Leaves (see note on Raspberry leaves above.)  Try and keep the items you use to things your goats are accustomed to ingesting so not to disrupt their rumen.  

We begin with about a cup of applesauce in the mix and add more until we get a pasty consistency that allows us to form a ball.   Once we reach the correct consistency, we form the mixture into small balls, about 1" around we found is a good all-around size and place them onto a silicone or parchment paper lined cookie sheet to dry inside an oven at 150 degrees fahrenheit or place them onto your dehydrator tray - Dry until they are no longer moist.  Store in a sealed jar.

NOTE: You want to be mindful they don't choke on them if your goats "inhale" their feed.  Adjust the size accordingly.  

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