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Meet Our Does!

Our newest edition, Rose Tea, brings with her some impressive heritage!


Rose Tea's Great Grand Dam is Buttin' Heads Calligraphy and 3*M SG Old Mountain Farm Hot Tea 3*D EEEV on Linear Appraisal, and her grandmother is 4*M Bramblestone Sun Tea 4*D +EEE on linear Appraisal on her Dam's side. 

On Rose Tea's Sire's side, she has more impressive heritage - Her Great Grandfathers on her sire's side is ++B Dawnland Tabby Meritimer 'E' V+E, and Old Mountain Farm Allegiance VEE, and Granddams 2*M Deldale Fawn *D 'E' and 2*M AR SG NC PromisedLand Nemesis 2*D VEEE 

Rose Tea's grandparents on her Dam's side are *B CH Bramblestone Celtic Quinn and her Grandmother is 4*M Bramblestone Sun Tea 4*D +EEE.

On Rose Tea's Sire's side, ++B SG Old Mountain Farm Stag VEE is her grandfather and Old Mountain Farm SisLee is her grandmother.  

With Rose Tea's impressive genetics, we have high hopes for our newest edition!

Mitten Acres CQ Holly 

Bramblestone SL Rose Tea 

Bramblestone SL Rose Tea as a baby.

Photograph courtesy of Bramblestone Farm

For Rose Tea's Pedigree, Click Here

Mitten Acres CQ Holly is one of 2019 does we bred from a wonderful pairing between Bramblestone CQ Spiced Tea *B and Swallowhill HQ Kahlua -they sure did produce some great looking offspring!  


Holly has some wonderful genetics behind her - Her great grandfather is *B CH Old Mountain Farm QuentinQuinn, her Great Grandmother 3*M Buttin'Heads Calligraphy *D and 3*M AR 

Mitten Acres CQ Faithorn



Our pretty little lady Kahlua is a cream buckskin with white pole. Kahlua's grandfather is Old Mountain Farm (OMF) Taryn Quinn (90EEVE), and her Great Grand Dam is OMF Tianna Quinn 4*M.  Other impressive additions are OMF Cernunnos +*B 89 VEV  on her Sire's side and on the Dam's side, OMF Oliver Again *B, OMF Parti Favah 90 VEE, and Buttin Heads Zipper Pea 1*M GCH VVEE  -  We are super excited to see the kids we are to be blessed with from a breeding with Spice Tea in December 2018 for May 2019 kids as a first year freshener.

In May 2019, Kahlua gave birth to 2 doelings and a buck - Faithorn (Faith), Grant, and Holly.   (All 3 are being retained!)

Click Here to See Kahlua's Pedigree.

Kahlua's Impressive 1st Freshener Udder 2019! 



Rosie, our beautiful Buckskin doe with white overlay, moon spot, and flashy blue-eyes, brings a diverse group of milking line genetics  from Double Durango Artemisia 1*M, Buttin Heads Martinique +B 90 EEE, Dawnland's Tabby's Orla 78 A+AA & Dawnland's TCP Butterfly Song 90 EVEV.


We look forward to breeding Rosey to Dusty in December 2018 for warmer weather April 2019 kids.  Rosie was the first to deliver - she gave us our first  two bucklings - Augusta (Blue Eyes) and Buckley.

Click Here to see Rosie's Pedigree



Next to Sweet in the dictionary should be Libby's picture!  Libby is a very sweet doe.  We bred Libby with Spiced Tea in late December and in May, Libby was the second doe to give birth and gave us 3 very handsome bucklings.  (Clayton, Dundee and Emmett). Libby provides about 3/4 of a gallon of milk per day - She is a very good milker.

We strive to breed our Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats to provide strong dairy lines and it to the Nigerian Dwarf goat standard for our herd. Nigerian Dwarfs provide not only excellent milk but make sweet, enjoyable pets!

Click here to view Libby's Pedigree

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