What's So Special About Mitten Acres 

Nigerian Dwarf Goats?

* We are focused on raising and breeding our herd for health, quality genetics, with high volume milk protein and fat producers that meet the breed standard.  On our farm we have our Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats & Chickens. 

* Our Nigerian Dwarf Goats all have (or will have shortly) DNA testing as proof of 

* We are ADGA Plus Members (participate in milk testing, dairy herd improvement and lineal appraisal of our herd.) Many of our goats are dual registered with ADGA and AGS.  

* Our herd is built from some of the most sought after, well known genetics for both milking ability and show lines. 

* We spent four years reading, researching health issues, researching diseases, breeding genetics, breeding lines, attending shows and taking courses on goats before we ever purchased a single goat! We chose to specialize in Nigerian Dwarf Goats as our main focus. We put our names on a few farms extensive wait lists. 

* In early Spring 2018, after a lot of research, interviewing, farm inquiries, and taking Langston Universities Dairy Goat Certified Producer Course and becoming a Certified Dairy Goat Producer, we purchased our first ADGA registered, herd tested Nigerian Dwarf goats.  

* We purchased stock from herds that were tested for CAE, CL, Johnnies, Brucellosis and TB.  We wanted to ensure our herd began with healthy, well-known, registered, proven stock. 

* Before we ever bought our first Nigerian Dwarf Goat, we were Certified Dairy Goat Producers, (only 5 in the State of Michigan), were members of the American Dairy Goat Association and the American Goat Society.

* Before breeding each year, we carry on the tradition and test our herd even though we have a closed herd and adhere to strict bio-security protocols.  

* We are a Closed Herd*. We do not take our goats to shows, allow our bucks to "driveway breed" or send our bucks to other farms.  

Note * - Upon the rare occasions we add new genetic lines to our herd, the animals are only purchased from tested farms and we have them inspected, tested and certified healthy by a USDA Certified Veterinarian prior to their arrival here at our farm.  The animals are then quarantined for 45 days in a totally separate, sanitized barn shed far away from our herd.  Before we introduce the new stock into the barn and into our herd, our ruminant veterinarian gives them another exam and may or may not recommend further testing. We follow our veterinarian's recommendations.  We don't just buy more goats, they are carefully chosen to enhance and diversify our breeding program with superior genetics to offer some of the best lines for "putting milk in the can" after all, it is about the delicious milk and having a healthy, genetically sound and diverse herd.  


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