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* Our farm specializes in Nigerian Dwarf Goats - We do not sell or breed any other livestock.


* We have DNA on file with ADGA on all of our breeding stock which allows for proof of parentage/genetics of our Nigerian Dwarfs. You know you are getting the goat genetics you are paying for.


* We have one of the area's most experienced ruminant veterinarians that treats and tests our herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats.


* Our goat kids are disbudded and if wethered, they are under anesthesia or a pain block by our veterinarian to minimize their pain and discomfort.  


* We offer registered, tested, carefully chosen genetics for both milk production and show quality.


* All of the goats we have here at Mitten Acres are carefully selected from bloodlines with excellent conformation and milk production capability. Some of our goat lines we waited over 4 years to add their genetics into our herd. One of our lines currently has an 8 year waiting list to obtain! 


* Beginning in 2021, we will participate in linear appraisal so that the conformational quality of the goats is documented and the information can be reviewed to help make herd improvements.


* Since 2020, we began milk production testing to document our does ability to produce lots of wonderfully sweet, creamy milk. Although we did not finish the 240 day milk testing for our 5 does in milk, one of our FF does received her *4M star, 2 does were named Top does, another doe designated as above average - (We had one doe on milk test that has since left our herd to live at another farm.)


* We have not participated in any dairy goat shows. We have bio-security concerns about taking our goats off of our farm. We feel shows can be much more of a subjective judgment of the quality of a goat than with Lineal Appraisal. LA is a much more detailed evaluation and rating of that one particular animals structure instead of in comparison of competing animals.


* All of our goats must test negative for CAE, CL, Johnnes and Brucellosis before coming to Mitten Acres Farm and our breeding stock is tested yearly. The latest testing was completed in 2020 and again tested negative. We maintain as “closed” of a herd as possible so the goats, their offspring, and our farm will remain disease-free.


* If a new Nigerian Dwarf is added to our herd, we follow strict bio-security measures and quarantine procedures far away from our barn/herd for a minimum of 30 days. We only acquire goats from tested herds and we have additional testing done on our behalf before the purchase and transportation is made to our farm.


* Any buckling sold as wethers are castrated by our veterinarian with a pain block, not banded, at the appropriate age of 12 to 14 weeks so that their urinary tract is fully formed. The wethers will be less likely to have Urea Calculi, (blocked urinary tract) that is a painful condition and oftentimes leads to the animal suffering and a painful death for the animal. Once castrated by our veterinarian, we keep them a couple extra days to make certain all is well and then they may be picked up. Wethered bucks are sold as pets and are not registered.

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