Nigerian Dwarf Goats
Milford, Michigan
Our Breeding Lines Include:
* Old Mountain Farm 
* Sugar Moon
* Buttin' Heads
* NC Promisedland
* Rosasharn
* Dragonfly
* Bramblestone
* Zanzabee 
* Piddlin' Acres

 Mitten Acres Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

We are a small, new, family-owned, farm located in Milford, Michigan.  We are conveniently located near I-96 in SE Michigan between Ann Arbor, Detroit and about an hour and a half North of Toledo, Ohio.


We raise Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats, French Black Copper Marans with plans to add more animals as our farm expands.  


Our dairy goat breeding stock is tested yearly in the fall before breeding occurs for CL, CAE, and Johnnes. (2020 Negative Results). All of our foundation goats were tested (negative) for CL, CAE, Johnnes and/or came from designated free Brucellossis and TB states.


We are excited to announce we will soon be offering goat milk products this coming year.  


In the Spring of 2020, we began DHIR milk testing through Langston University in Oklahoma. We breed our goats for milking ability and show conformation so placing our herd on milk testing came naturally to keep track of production, butter fat, protein levels and of course, earn milk stars through the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) and to help aide with conformation, herd improvement and genetics. 

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One of Our *B Herdsires, 

Bramblestone Midnight Mouse

Photo Courtesy of Bramblestone Farm

DNA on file 
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