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The 2020 Kidding Season Has Begun!

New to Nigerian Dwarf Goats? We highly recommend reading the book Nigerian Dwarf Goat Care 201 before bringing your new goat home.  This book will help guide you in the proper care and treatment of Nigerian Dwarf Goats. 

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Once our email list has been notified after weaning & a vet check/disbudding, we will post the kids here for sale with prices.  

Kids born April 18, 2020 Bramblestone Midnight Mouse *B and Bramblestone Quianna Quinn 

Quianna delivered Quads - All Doelings!  Here the doelings are about 24 hours old - New photos will be posted

When they are closer to weaning.  

Nigerian Dwarf Goats 201.jpg
Mitten Acres MM Jenison MIAC 2.jpg

Mitten Acres MM Ida 

White Poll Doeling

 Mitten Acres MM Jenison 

 Roan Doeling 


Mitten Acres MM Kendall - Beautiful Buckskin Doeling

Mitten Acres MM Linden

Frosted Ears Doeling 

Kids Born May 1st 2020 - Rosie and *B Spiced Tea had their kids on May 1st - 2 does and a buckling.  Look at the kidding schedule for pedigree and further details.

Mitten Acres CQ Michiana.JPG

Mitten Acres CQ Michiana (AKA Anna)

Less than 24 hours old in this photo - Gorgeous little girl! 

Mitten Acres CQ Newberry.JPG

Mitten Acres CQ Newberry - This little blue-eyed fella with moon spots is certain to make a wonderful herd sire.  


Mitten Acres CQ Olivet (AKA - Olive) -                         

Please excuse the photography - It's almost impossible to get a good photo of a kid by yourself.  Better photographs to follow when I have farm help available.  

Kahlua and Midnight gave us beautiful quad kids - 2 doelings and 2 bucklings.  (sadly, we lost a little buckling at birth) Below are photos right after birthing - They are just beautiful!

Meet Mitten Acres MM Quincy - He's a very handsome fella and has good genes to boot!

Here are Quincy's little sister's, Mitten Acres MM Sylvan in the foreground and Mitten Acres MM Paris in the background.  

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